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  • Thursday, 15:51 : "Pub architecture and decoration can make or break a pub. We're standing in a marvellous example of how to get it r……
  • Thursday, 13:52 : We’re here at the Bowland Beer Hall at @HolmesMill for the presentation of the ‘Coversion to Pub Use’ award……
  • Wednesday, 20:03 : If you want to continue discussing Revitalisation with other members, head over to:
  • Wednesday, 20:02 : ...and that's our hour up! Thank you to everyone who sent a question in or was following our Revitalisation Q&A session #revitaliseCAMRA
  • Wednesday, 19:59 : A: The SRs are to adopt an open set of new articles that are guidance on what we could do, but not specifically wha……